Helping first-time parents experience a healthier pregnancy and birth

Why Demi

Demi is a tech platform (mobile + web app in development) that helps first-time parents take control of their pregnancy and childbirth experience through access to the right information and experts.

Accurate Information + Trusted Professionals

Demi provides first-time parents with evidenced-based information, curated by seasoned pregnancy and birth professionals, and translates it into actionable steps to provide you with the peace of mind during this exciting time. From guides to how to select the right care team to the nuances of creating a birth plan to tips on how to be a supportive partner, Demi will help you towards a safer and healthier birth.

Demi matches first-time parents with the right support system based on your geographic location and individualized needs. We will draw from our database of highly vetted, personable providers, including medical professionals, doulas, fitness + nutrition professionals, and mental health providers. Demi will take into account your family’s needs and connect you with the right people to assure that you have the best support leading up to your baby’s delivery and beyond.

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