Jamie B


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Jamie is a Los Angeles based birthworker passionate about advocating, educating and supporting each unique birth journey. She understands from her own birthing experiences how vital it is that birthing people have full agency throughout their pregnancy, labor and birth, and is driven to ensure this for her clients. In her four plus years supporting birthing people, Jamie truly listens to what each person wants and helps to make sure those goals are supported. She brings a deep understanding of the body-mind connection and collaborates with clients to create and hold a safe and supported space for new life to enter into.

Birth Doula, Bini Birth, 2017
Reiki Practitioner, IPSB at Life Eenergy Institute, 2019
Reiki for Birthworkers, Mitra Sessions, 2020
Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings, BADT, 2020
4 years as a Doula
3 years as a Reiki Practitioner
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