JoJo W

Perinatal and postpartum massage therapist and doula

Available for video calls

JoJo has been a practitioner in the perinatal and postpartum field for over 9 years, supporting the maternal community with her customized services. JoJo believes perinatal and postpartum support are essential for every woman and family, and she tailors her services to each individual's unique needs.

Massage therapist and health educator, National Holistic Institute
Womb-light practitioner, Womb Light Academy
Birth and postpartum doula, DONA
Doula, Bini Birth
Ketogenic Coach, Dr. Eric Berg
9 months as a doula
2 years as a Keto coach
6 years as a Reiki Practitioner
9 years as a massage therapist
Photo of JoJo W